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Planning a Christmas Wedding!

We love nothing more than hearing your wedding plans here at The Old Parish Rooms so we've decided to start a weekly blog post to help with any queries you may have about how to host the perfect big day with us! We'll also be speaking to other amazing wedding suppliers & generally throwing lots of beautiful wedding ideas your way, so don't miss out! Be sure to check in with us regularly to read all our exciting plans & ideas.

Today, we wanted to let you have some of our top ideas when it comes to planning a truly festive wedding.

Weddings are in full swing here at The Old Parish Rooms & if you're such a fan of Christmas that you can think of nothing better than getting married at this time of year then we're here to help!

Image via Chantel Lauren

Christmas is a hugely popular time to propose, so why not to get married then too? Well, there is the weather (but don't worry, we'll address that later) and, if you actually want to say 'I do' on the big day, then it's likely you'll incur extra costs on some things too...

When it comes to the money side, you know your own budget and will be able to save here and there to cover any extra costs (and, for perspective, it's nothing you wouldn't face if you went for a Bank Holiday weekend!), but it is also important to consider your guests - things like pricey taxis and accommodation could be a real issue for your nearest and dearest.

Ways to eliminate this, are:

Keep it local – that way, the majority of your guests don’t need to worry about accommodation

Arrange transport – a big end-of-the-night-coach (or sleigh) is always an option, and if you can convince one or two guests to be the designated drivers then costs are low.

Other than that, having your wedding at Christmas can only serve to improve your day. Here are our favourite things about festive weddings…

Festive cheer! – Who’s not in a good mood at Christmas? I mean, really?

Party time! Image by Love That Smile Photography

Availability - of guests (hello Christmas break!) and of venues, suppliers, etc, as (for the frankly very limited reasons given above) this is not peak wedding season *shrug*

Baby, it’s cold outside – No one wants to hang around in the late December chill, meaning that you don’t need to worry about an outside area, which eliminates the year-round threat of a good old British downpour! Whether you marry in July or October, the struggle against unpredictable elements is real and can be a huge stress for brides leading up to the big day. If you know that outdoor vows are off limits, then you can focus all your planning on the interiors! Speaking of...

Think of the decorations! – As well as fairy lights galore (a firm favourite), there are so many ways to put a spin on Christmas classics! See below for some inspiration...

Beautiful floral hoops by Scent Leigh-On-Sea / Image by Love That Smile

Guilt free guest list – It's Christmas, a time for nearest and dearest, so if you leave anyone off the guest list they can't very well complain (not that they can anyway, may we take this opportunity to say).

Wrap up warm – Who doesn't love feeling cosy? Give your guests blankets, serve hot chocolate and mulled wine, and let everyone snuggle up for a while.

Then, obviously, throw off the blankets and make sure everyone dances for their evening meal. It's still a wedding, guys!

Outfits – It's party season, so you're well within your rights to enforce black tie (or at least sequin-level) dress-code.

Then there's the layers - whether you love the 20s glamour of a (faux) fur stole or the individuality of a personalised leather jacket, you can dress up your dress however you fancy!

Bridal leather jackets by Rock The Frock / Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography

And, just as a parting thought, who doesn't love a man in velvet...?

Image by Love That Smile Photography

For bookings and inquiries, please contact us via https://www.theoldparishrooms.com/contact

Merry Christmas!

Love, TOPR x

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