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Eliminating wedding planning stress!

Image by Love That Smile Photography

It won’t be news to anyone that planning a wedding can be stressful - in fact, we recently heard that 96% of engaged couples describe the lead up to their wedding as “stressful” at best, with over half qualifying that with “very”...

Here at TOPR we believe that planning your wedding should be exciting, fun, and, while we accept that ‘stress free’ is unlikely, we’d like to get as close to that as possible! Here are our top tips for eliminating stress from your planning experience…


Three is the magic number, so name your top three priorities - maybe your highest priority is the date you say I do, where you say it, or that the food afterwards is top notch - get your top three booked, and your deposits paid, and then work the rest of the day (and budget) around them.

Perhaps your priority is the party! Image by Jess Withey photography

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Easier said than done, we know, but try to maintain some perspective - the only bit that has to go precisely right is the ceremony (so, you know, the legal bits are done) and that’s what the registrar is for! If anything else goes wrong it’s more than likely your guests won’t even notice!

Ignore the cliches

Please, please, please don’t give yourself more to stress over by worrying about things that aren’t actually happening to you. Are you worried that your mother-in-law is going to be a monster? Well, has she been up until this point? No? Then you’re probably fine.

Set boundaries

If you have a strict budget make sure that you communicate it to those who need to know - there’s absolutely nothing wrong with saying ‘that’s out of our budget’ so don’t feel like you can’t shut down crazy ideas coming from your nearest and dearest! Horse & cart, mum, really?


How much you delegate will depend entirely on the type of person you are, but - we beg you - don’t try to do it ALL on your own!

Whether you employ a stylist to create your dream wedding for you (if this is your choice, we know some great ones! Just ask!) or if you have a few trusted friends and family helping with certain tasks, make sure that you give out some of the work to other people!

Image from an event coordinated by Rock the Day Styling @ TOPR. Prosecco bar by Vintage Garden Wedding & Event Hire


Most importantly (for those helpers we mentioned), make sure they know exactly what it is you’re expecting of them - but then, let them get on with it; constantly asking everyone where they’re up to with their tasks means you won’t save yourself any time vs doing to all yourself. Oh, and, there’s a chance you could get on their nerves...

That being said, if you’re quietly stressing that your flowers aren’t going to look the way you imagined them or that the venue have the wrong chairs, then make a phone call. The most stressful thing is silently worrying - or, loudly worrying to people who can’t actually solve your concerns!

Build on your relationships

If you’ve met a florist you absolutely love, ask for their recommendations for a cake maker! And if you love the boutique you bought your dress from, as them if they’ll help with your accessories.

Claire Oelofse, manager of Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique, says “we recently surveyed our brides to see if they would rather get their whole outfit - veil, hair piece, the lot - from one place and a huge majority said yes! As a result, we now offer Accessories Appointments for brides once they’ve chosen their dress. I think that it takes a lot for a bride to trust in a boutique and once they’ve got a relationship with you they’d rather utilise it than have to start again with somewhere new.”

And, the most important thing of all - have fun! Your wedding day should be the best party you’ve ever been to, so try to enjoy planning it! Remember that what’s actually happening is WONDERFUL - you’re marrying the person you love! Yay!

Image by Jess Withey Photography

If you’ve already booked with us then that’s one of your top 3 sorted already - good work! - and if you need any more tips, just get in touch!

Love, TOPR x

Love That Smile Photography: @magdalenamahdy // www.lovethatsmilephotography.com

Jess Withey Photography: @jesswitheyphoto // www.jessicawitheyphotography.com

Rock the Day Styling: @rockthedaystyling // www.rockthedaystyling.co.uk

Vintage Garden Wedding & Event Hire: @vintagegardenweddings //www.vintagegardenweddings.co.uk

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