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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something YOU

Some wedding traditions are a little out-dated, some are best left in the past and some are really, really fun and should be kept alive regardless of all meaning being lost!

We’re kidding, but really – traditions like this one are a wonderful opportunity to bring personal touches to your wedding day.

To remind you, brides were advised to wear…

Something old, to provide protection for their baby to come, something new, to offer optimism for their future, something borrowed from a happily married woman, to provide good luck, and something new blue, as the colour of fidelity.

They were also advised to wear a sixpence in their shoe, but that one’s been conveniently forgotten (and lets keep it so).

The something old can be a very sweet opportunity to involve someone who can’t be at your wedding – bride Laura Lewsey attached two brooches to her bouquet, one of her Grandmother’s and one of her husband’s late Grandmother’s.

She say, “I’d chosen my wedding jewellery, but still wanted something sentimental close to me. Having them on my bouquet meant that I could feel them while I walked down the aisle, which was lovely. I still have them both and now and, as well as reminding me of two wonderful women, they also remind me of our wedding day. They’re very special to me.”

Laura & her bouquet brooches. Image by Love That Smile Photography

If you don’t have a something old with sentimental value that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved here – why not wear your favourite earrings you’ve had for years, or a bracelet you’ve had so long you can’t even remember where it’s from! Think of it as providing comfort in the familiar.

Something new could be anything you buy for the day – dress, shoes, lipstick, anything. This is an easy one.

Something borrowed is your perfect excuse to get your hands on the jewellery you always wanted from your mum’s jewellery box! Or that necklace your friend has that you totally saw first!

The perfect something borrowed, in our eyes, is something a woman whose marriage you admire wore on her wedding day. Something you can focus on to remind you that today is the first day of your married life and the start of many adventures to come!

Image by Lottie Photography

The fun really starts with something blue! We spoke to award winning hair & makeup artist Michelle Lacey, who said “sometimes minimal is the way to go – for example, if you’re having a floral hair piece, just one little blue flower in there can look beautiful.”

This hair piece by Marolsha is a perfect example of just a touch of blue -

Image courtesy of Rock the Day Styling

One classic something blue is a garter – a super easy way to add your blue without messing with your colour theme! If blue does fit in to your wedding pallet though, then there are plenty of ways you can add the colour of fidelity (come on, have you forgotten already?!). How about in your jewellery? Or your veil?

Blue veil by Sash & Veil

And if you don’t think you can work blue in to your outfit at all, then how about confetti? You’ll end up wearing it at some point, so it totally counts!

Stationery by Wonderland Invites. Image courtesy of Rock the Day Styling.

Love, TOPR x

With thanks to -

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