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Twilight weddings (& we're not talking about vampires)

It used to be that a civil ceremony (or church wedding) was only legal at certain times of day, but nowadays you can do it whenever you like. Hurray!

(Although, saying that, good luck finding a registrar who'll happily marry you at 3am - just sayin.)

Image from Grace & Tony's twilight wedding, by RM1 Photography

This means that your wedding doesn't have to be a full-day event, you can opt for a 'twilight wedding' if you prefer, saying your vows later in the day and then having a big ole party.

Grace & Tony. Image by RM1 Photography

There are many benefits to this, and we're going to talk you through them...

First, you'll save money.

Not only will you be spending less on your venue (get in touch for detailed pricing, we're very happy to talk you through our options), but you'll be paying for fewer hours of drinking!

Seriously though, a twilight wedding gives you the opportunity to have one meal with your guests, whether you go for a sit down dinner or a buffet option, and there's no need to wheel out the sandwiches for your evening guests.

Second, there's less guest-list drama.

You don't need to worry about offending people by only inviting them to the evening if there is only an evening!

A twilight wedding allows you to have one guest list - and therefore half the invite/don't invite decisions, which has to be the ultimate bonus!

Image by RM1 Photography

Speaking of not 'having to'...

A twilight ceremony also eliminates the pressure of having to entertain your guests for a full day. No need to worry about kids getting cranky or granddad nodding off after the wedding breakfast!

Then there's the photos.

There's nothing like a dusky wedding photo, is there? Plus, if you're getting married in the summer, a 5pm ceremony will still leave you with plenty of natural light for photos, too!

Image by RM1 Photography

Image from Nicola & Matt's twilight wedding, by That Thing You Pluck Photography

Image by RM1 Photography

Our venue looks particularly beautiful at night, and a dusk ceremony in front of our leaded windows really does have a special atmosphere.

Image by That Thing You Pluck Photography

And finally, it's something different!

A twilight wedding is a great way to keep your day informal - there's less protocol to follow, simply by there being less of the day. If a seated wedding breakfast is your worst nightmare then a twilight wedding might just be your saviour.

Image by RM1 Photography

Having a Twilight wedding doesn't mean that you're limiting yourself - the twilight weddings we've held so far have varied just as much as our day time weddings have!

If you chose to have your ceremony at 4 or 5pm, there's still time for a sit down dinner and then party time; you can say 'I do' later on, with dancing commencing as soon as you're married; or you can do something in between!

Image by RM1 Photography

We love to make sure that your wedding is exactly what you want it to be, so if you're thinking of having a ceremony outside of the ordinary then get in touch with us to discuss your ideas - we'll do our very best to bring them to life!

Love, TOPR x

With thanks to -

Grace & Tony by RM1 Photography - www.rm1photography.co.uk / @rm1photography Nicola & Matt by That Thing You Pluck Photography - www.thatthingyoupluck.com / @thatthingyoupluck

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