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Micro wedding appreciation society...

From the day you got engaged, all through the planning stages, you’ve been thinking about all the little details that will make your big day exactly what you’ve dreamed of…

...but in 2020, ‘big’ isn’t quite the word for weddings, making way for the micro wedding. It might not mean a jam-packed dance floor and a huge crowd of your mates queuing at the bar…however the micro wedding can truly be something gorgeously intimate and special. 

Nat and John's cool micro wedding shot by Chloe Lee Photography

Size isn’t everything

The Old Parish Rooms has hosted some incredibly lovely micro weddings post-lockdown, and we’re honoured to be part of all our couples’ perfect days, no matter how big or how small. When it comes to weddings, we’re learning that size really doesn’t matter. You can still have those dreamy touches you’ve been imagining, in a ceremony that is much more personal and bespoke with only your very nearest and dearest VIPs.

For a lot of 2020, we’ve felt like life has been on hold, but the possibility of a micro wedding means that your wedding plans don’t have to be. In fact, once you’ve embraced the idea of the micro wedding, you can have a magical day with cherished memories, and a great story to tell.

Micro wedding of dreams by Chloe Lee Photography

Focus on the real matter at heart

Getting married to the one you love is what’s really important. Especially given the year we’ve all had, think about how special you’ll feel knowing you made these memories - a spark of joy in an otherwise cloudy time. 

Don’t worry about offending people who might not make the guest list - don’t worry that you thought you would be getting married in a cavernous venue - when you’re both there together, just you and your absolute best ones, that’s when it’ll hit home that you’re doing something super romantic. 

Let’s face it, nobody saw what was coming this year, but it doesn’t mean that adjusting to a plan B has to be any less beautiful and magical. 

Why The Old Parish Rooms is micro-ready

Here at The Old Parish Rooms, our intimate venue is ideal for a micro wedding - your selected guests won’t be rattling around in an enormous space.

During an incredibly testing time for everyone, we have proved that we can keep your plan flexible and adapt as and when we need to, depending on the rules. We’re keeping a watchful eye on the regulations because believe us, we can adapt to adding more people to your guest list as soon as you’re allowed to! If you want to that is...

A micro wedding dinner for 15 people can be truly special! Chloe Lee Photography

We keep all saying “When things are back to normal…” but truly, we don’t know when that will be. The possibility of a micro wedding means you and your love can get wed, without having to hang on all that uncertainty, without having to wait. And just think of the anniversary party “when things are back to normal”!

So what defines a micro wedding?

A micro wedding can have the intimate feeling of an elopement, despite being very much carefully curated and planned. You’ll have under twenty people present (currently 15 allowed at time of writing), a smaller guest list from most weddings, giving an exclusive and cosy vibe to your day. 

There’s something very relaxed and personal about a micro wedding. As a couple, you’ll have time to talk to everyone, in what will be a romantic and supportive atmosphere from your guests. 

Style is still everything

For a micro wedding, there’s no need to scrimp on styling and atmosphere - in fact, you can approach this just as you would for any other kind of wedding. You’re in control here, and we encourage this at The Old Parish Rooms. We’re a canvas for your dream day.

Our couples who have got married at our venue in late summer and autumn have all put their lovely personal touches on their weddings and they have been truly special.

If you’re interested in booking your micro wedding with us, or hearing about the ones we’ve hosted and how we can adapt our space for you, get in touch at info@theoldparishrooms.com


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