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New and Improved Inbuilt Sound System

You may have already spotted on our socials that the venue just got a major upgrade thanks to our DJs Fox and Braces.

We now have a brand new, high end Void Acoustics sound system fitted to the ceiling around the dancefloor and a subwoofer under the staircase, out of sight. The benefits of this new system are huge, we are pretty excited in fact. Let us explain them a little;

First up, the sound....wow - the speakers are incredible quality. Previously, DJs would be set up on the mezzanine floor along with their speaker system which isn't the ideal location for the music to be heard on the dance floor area. The sound is now directed to the dancing area which means the rest of the venue isn't as loud - the music isn't blasted from the far side of the space onto the dance area.

Secondly, the space! Fox and Braces have designed and built an industrial look open front DJ table which perfectly fits the venue and means the view from the mezzanine area isn't completely blocked with a closed-in DJ booth. The footprint of a standard DJ setup with lights, speakers and the desk is pretty big and space is at a premium here! The new setup means the speakers are all in built, taking up no space, and the desk looks like part of the room;

Unique DJ desk for a unique wedding venue - Pic; Marie Wootton Photography

Next; the setup. Because we want to keep the events super smooth for our couples, visiting DJs would previously have had to come along in the morning to set up or fit around the rest of the day's running order so they are not carrying a load of stuff through the venue while your guests are here. This can also incur an early setup fee from your music company. Our DJs can now simply stroll in at the start of the evening party, plug in their decks and they are ready to play.

So who can use this amazing new installation? You can hire it to play your own playlist or for your own DJ to use. However, we would of course recommend our in-house team Fox and Braces; the added bonus is the hire of the equipment is actually included in their price! Drop them a message and ask about the special rates for TOPR events. They also have some super cool extras you can add on like their Photoworks and Arcade Games as well as a unique event planner tool where you can get your requests down and add your favourite tunes.

So, future TOPR couples, party people and guests, we are so excited to share this incredible new system with you all. Get in touch for more info on how to hire.


The TOPR Team

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